The game "CYBER AGE” is a completely open world of the future where you have to solve the mysteries of a unique, sometimes criminal and ambiguous city "Iceberg City" together with the main character Max. The world of the distant future, where humanity has repeatedly experienced global world cataclysms. Society tamed advanced nano technologies and the climate of the planet. Now, by creating cities and small areas of land with wildlife on the water, people tenderly protect the fragile ecology of the digital age. You have to help humanity to protect itself from complete degradation. Learn how to use advanced technology correctly, as bequeathed by the ancestors. Unite the outcasts (who do not recognize high technology) and the society of the future, preventing a new civil war over land. You have access to the most advanced weapons, transport on hydrogen energy, "Smart" clothing (in the full version of the game) and unique flying machines . As well as beautiful locations "wild lands”. Prevent the global criminal plan of the ruling elite "Iceberg City" and save the remnants of the human species from extinction. Learn the fascinating history of global cataclysms before the 3000s that changed the world. Go through the action-Packed line of the game “CYBER AGE".

Cool OFF-LINE third-person game with no in-app purchases. A completely open world. Graphics and animation console level. The game supports game joysticks. Fascinating story. The original scoring of the game and the soundtrack.

Innovative gameplay. Action/RPG.

Stunning graphics.

Fascinating Story.

Complete freedom of action.

Future world.